About us

We believe that technology’s role is to break down walls, to build bridges between humans and machines. We are building a future where human and machine intelligence collaborate seamlessly to provide trusted services to the community.


Jiratech - The prize-winning technical incubator

We work with entrepreneurs to deliver high-quality products for startups from Romania, USA and Germany. We take pride ourselves in delivering highest quality products that empower innovation at a competitive level. Our products won prizes in pre-accelerators, accelerators and other startup competitions

Our values

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Responsible for every piece of information gathered.
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What we are building is bigger than any of us.
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Growth Mindset
Empower innovation by taking creative risks.
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Technology due diligence
Leverage all trade-offs to offer best outcome.

We know that no map alone can lead to success

We are used to think that Planning & Execution can be applied in software development and will magically solve day to day problems.

Nothing we have built in the past was this unpredictable, and software is a type of technology that is infinitely malleable, constantly evolving, and highly prone to generating defects.

Retrospectives are often overlooked and no improvement is happening from one project to another.

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Confide in trusted experts for directions.

Focus on the roadmap.

Test MVPs in the fast lane.

Enable decisions based on fresh and accurate date, not on over-hyped buzzwords and outdated best practices

Reliable milestones and estimates relevant for the business.

Bake-in customer feedback in your automatic process