The wind blows mainly in fall

25 November 2019

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I've read somewhere a story about a bunch of kids that were asked 'What makes the wind blow?'. Some of them responded 'The trees! The movement of the trees creates wind'. Even though the cute answer was obviously wrong, they noticed the essence of creating a change: it's always caused not by one individual or one object, it's caused by a synchronized effort of many shareholders, concurrently.

Timing - a way underrated aspect of entrepreneurship, a necessary condition for each and every startup, an esoteric field on which entrepreneurs make their move.

Timing can have in this context two different but equally important meanings. The first one, the internal timing, is about your drive to succeed, the right moment of starting a new adventure. Most people will search for the perfect moment for it and will have a lot of reasons why it isn't right now the perfect time to start working on their dream. Unfortunately, that moment will never come, either will be too early or too late, or you might feel that you don't know enough about the specifics. Moreover, you may never find out the consequences and ramifications of your actions and inactions. The wind, in this case, is your power to execute. To learn, research, talk to interested people, build, code, etc. But is that enough?

This timing will always depend on all the stuff that is going on in your life ( exams, job, getting married, kids, deaths and divorce ) and it should. In order to start something, you need to take into account and balance all those components and the risks involved. Are you ready to lose your job, your S.O. or even your house? Based on those decisions you can draw a mental-map of your situation and will put in balance the advantages and the disadvantages. The more you will figure out your situation, the more confidence you will have when putting your team together. If you are at peace with yourself, if everything is going great, if you have no expectations unmet, you will change nothing.

The second timing, the external timing, is correlated with the market, with the economic and even political situation of your desired place to start. You have to know the state of whatever market you are going to attack, the state of your future competition to effectively make decisions that will ensure the right path for you and your team. The principal reason why startups fail is 'no market need' but that does not mean only that the product is unusable or useless. Sometimes, that means that the market was not ready for you.

If you want the wind to blow, you better want that in autumn.

Stoicescu Andrei