Data Vault


Digital Data Safety Box

DataVault is an application created for individual users or businesses
who need a place to securely store sensitive documents.

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The Problem

There are many use-cases for Modex's BCDB - their blockchain-based database solution. One of those use-cases is to solve the document management problem and still guarantee a mathematically-proven system for securing the assets. That is why Modex collaborated with Jiratech in developing their new product - Data Vault.

The Solution

We delivered in record-time a new and robust product that handles the document management needs and uses Modex BCDB as an underlying blockchain-based solution for secure storage.

The Result

Collaborating alongside the Modex team and using their state of the art blockchain database as a secure storage, we delivered an encompassing solution that is blockchain-based and allows users an easy document management.

Blockchain-based Software

Blockchain-based Software


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