Efficientize your time using this tool to verify, convert and import clients' records into your accounting program.

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The Problem

At the end of each month, an accountant is responsible for verifying that all the invoices they have on their database correspond with the invoices in the client database, to ensure that no errors were made. This process was time-consuming since every field from an invoice needed to be checked manually, and once the number of invoices increased, this task was impossible to be done by one person. On average they needed three accountants over a period of 2-3 days to drop what they were doing and check what was done in the last month.

The Solution

Our solution was to automate this process in order to easily identify the differences between invoices. Instead of having to check each field manually, we provided a web application to the accountant in which he could see all the invoices that were processed in a time period, highlighting every inconsistency. By doing so the accountant could update and save them with a click of a button.

The Result

After the deployment, we had a meeting for potential improvements and feedback, and the results were astonishing. Using the platform one single accountant managed to finish in 50 minutes the work that was previously done by him and other two colleagues in 3 days.

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