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We delivered high-quality products, using leading-edge, stable technologies. We use technologies as amplifiers, to empower innovation in your startup

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all technology for innovative products.

Our recommendation takes into account all functional and non-functional criteria

Technologies we use:


Angular is one of the top 3 client-side frameworks, it is used in creating web platforms and mobile applications.


NodeJs is the best server-side library, its main advantages being reduced development time for testing prototypes and ideas in order to gain competitive advantage.

React Native

React Native is a hybrid mobile framework for both IOS and Android.

This is the best choice for a highly maintainable app found in AppStore or Google Play


Docker is one of the pillars for a scalable and HA startup.
Using Docker is a standard for delivering quality services every time.

Java Spring

Spring is THE server-side framework for Java and the best choice for a scalable, modular and blazing-fast application.


ReactJs is in top 3 client-side frameworks, its main competitive advantages are the versatility and the extensibility of the framework.

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And the list goes on:

We believe that technology should ease and improve the work of any human and we're continuously making sure the change starts with us.
We know the technological noise is stunning, and we'd like to make it straightforward starting with choosing the best tools for the job.